Electromagnetic Liquid Flow Meter


ONICON electromagnetic liquid flow meters are designed for the most demanding applications. Inherently linear by design, electromagnetic flow meters utilize pulsating magnetic fields to accurately measure flow in all kinds of conductive liquids. ONICON electromagnetic flow meters are designed with advanced filtering and proprietary signal processing circuitry to maximize performance and reliability. The result is a meter that is:

  • Highly accurate over a wide flow range and with excellent low flow performance.
  • Very reliable even with difficult to measure liquids.
  • Low maintenance by design and has no moving parts.




  • Primary/secondary decoupling loop (bypass)
  • HVAC thermal storage tank
  • Domestic water charge/discharge
  • Bi-directional process flow
  • Chilled water, hot water, condenser water & water/glycol/brine solutions used in HVAC
  • Municipal water



  • F-3000

    F-3000 Series


    The F-3000 Inline Electromagnetic Flow Meters are available in sizes ranging from ¼" to 72" in diameter and are available with flanged, wafer and threaded connections. The maintenance-free design offers unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.


    F-3500 Series


    The F-3500 Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter is suitable for use in pipes ranging in size from 3" to 72" in diameter. It features ONICON's unique hot tap design that allows for easy insertion or removal from the pipe without the use of special tools and without disrupting flow. The low maintenance design is provided ready-to-use without the need for field programming.

    The FB-3500 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is available for bi-directional flow applications. It provides an analog output for flow rate, a contact closure output to indicate flow direction and separate pulse outputs to totalize forward and reverse flow.


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